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M25 is the social branch of the Centro Cristiano Esperanza, whose line of action is in the national and international.

M25 starts in 2013, with the challenge of fulfilling God’s will, shown on Mathew 25:35D36, to take the Gospel in a practical and tangible way to needed people in different parts of the world. Spiritual, soul and also basic needs, as footwear, food, home, among many other.

On one hand, M25 creates, promotes and develops actions and programmes, which are intended to use the music as a resource for cooperation, integral education and sustainable development, within the context of the countries soDcalled in process of development. Such actions are intended fundamentally to improve the life quality of those collectives in a needed situation, favouring their integration, development and social wellness.

On the other hand, M25 also tries to deal not only the social part of the project, but also to be a blessing to the local Church, through the Musical – Ministerial Forming and Training programmes that Training Days offers.

In this occasion, we are going to Guinea Bissau, Africa And Kakinada, India.


As a general purpose we aim to develop, provide tools and train people, with training programs in different areas as health, leadership, personal development, among others and also provide material resources to different children homes, schools and churches all over the country, both in the capital as in the rural areas.


We have divided the specific objectives in 7 different programmes.

1. HHP (Hygiene and Health Programme):

Teaching about the basic care and hygiene of children in the villages, through arts, as theatre, music, painting, etc. It’s a Programme developed by educators, which objective is to raising awareness and habits among the children, teenagers and the young people in order to take care of their basic needs as buccodental cleaning, personal hygiene, basic alimentation, etc.


It’s a children’s Programme for values education through musical activities. Intercultural relations, respect, honesty, tolerance, love, among others, will be dynamized though games and music, as a language, to let the children enjoy at the same time he’s understanding and practicing these values. We will deal with the orphans’ home’s children home, different churches of the capital.


Each woman must discover the value, dignity and purpose with which she was created by God, in order to encourage her to develop her maximum potential, generating changes in her family and social life. We will do this generating a space for general and collective motivation through conferences, pastoral counselling selfDhelp groups and craft courses.


The idea is to be a blessing to Christ’s body, especially to pastors and leaders of Guinea Bissau’s church, developing ministerial formation and training programmes, by different Leaders and Pastors that have a charge to lift up Guinea Bissau’s church. It will be a 3 days event, where leadership, evangelism, church growth, social actions, among others, workshops will be taught. The last event’s day we will also have a celebration to honour all the cities’ missionaries.




This part of the project consists in, working with the GARDEN PEPE, at the capital, developing musical initiation courses for the smaller children, while a group of volunteers does the building’s paint work, preparing the class rooms for the children. For this part of the project we need not only volunteers that know music, but also people willing to put up and paint the facilities.


we will bring a portable recording studio in order to tape folkloric music from the country, either that it is sung in the capital’s churches, as that it is sung by people from jungle areas. Songs taped with their own instruments, words and voices. The aim is to present the musical wealth that this country has, and keep on searching for sponsors for in a short future open a cultural centre at the capital where to provide the youth and Art knowledge.


We think that the biggest gift that we have in our life is finding Jesus. We know about him because we´ve heard the message of the bible.Having access to his Word allows us to know God´s design for each of us. The bible can change lives and nations.The desire of our heart is that all people from different languages and nations can discover Jesus for themselves as the only one who can bring hope to their lives.

The scripture says: “How will they believe without having HEARD? How will they hear without having those who preach to them”?One of the ways in which they can hear the gospel message is to get the bible to them in their own language.

Jesus has this purpose for everyone. You can be part of this story.


The AUDIO-bible is a device like this, resistant to knocks and situations that you come across in rural areas. It is rechargeable using solar power and it has a speaker which allows you to listen to one or several people.

With 50€ you can sponsor one of the families of the village so that they can receive the word of God through one of our AUDIO-bible. You can sponsor as many families as God puts in your heart

Help us to get an AUDIO-bible to every family in their mother tongue. We are taking Jesus to the ends of the earth.  Be a part of the story.


The Project will be supported by different kind donations , because it’s being carried out by nonDprofitable associations. Material, human and economic support is admitted, that is helping with the programme’s development, material donations for different activities, money, etc. 

The help can be done sporadically or permanently. No one who has helped once is obliged to keep on doing it if it’s not his will, or the objectives are not fulfilled or the project quits its established principles and criterions.

How can I participate?

  • 1-  Get involved in any of the social or ministerial projects: Contact us and let us know your interests and abilities, and we will connect you with the closer programme to you. Don’t loose the opportunity of travelling with us to Guinea Bissau to live a unique and supportive experience.
  • 2-  Sponsoring part of some programme’s needs. If you are a Company, Church, Ministry, Entity or Association that wants to sponsor part or a whole programme, M25 will publish your logo and brief information in all its promotional channels and on it’s web site, if you help with a minimum amount of 150 Euros. This can be in cash or material resources for any of our above mentioned programs.
  • 3-  As a volunteer for the M25 Guinea Bissau organisation: For realize this dream we need volunteers that understanding the vision want to get on board selflessly. We need people for Design, Promotion, Logistics, among other jobs.
  • 4-  Making a donation: You can make an specific economic donation, only for once, and it doesn’t mater the amount you can donate, with the little of each we can do a lot. For this, contact us and we will indicate you which is the best way to send us the money. We already say Thanks for being part of this project.


Our projects

Be a part of the story.

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